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Smart EV Charging Solutions for Workplace Charging

We are aiding the switch to sustainable transport via our future-proofed EV charging solutions. Offering uniquely tailored solutions to help businesses meet their environmental, financial, social, technological, and governance goals.

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Supporting some of the UK’s leading companies

Supporting some of the UK’s leading companies

With our Smart EV Charging Solutions, you can...

The Installation Process

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3–5-year warranty on all hardware at EV Planet Warwickshire

3–5-year warranty on all hardware

In-house remote support offered free of charge throughout the warranty period at EV Planet Warwickshire

In-house remote support offered free of charge throughout the warranty period

Lifetime over-the-air software updates at EV Planet Warwickshire

Lifetime over-the-air software updates

High standard of installation delivered by our expert team at EV Planet Warwickshire

High standard of installation delivered by our expert team

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Provide your workforce with a suitable EV charging infrastructure.

Tailored to your requirements we offer a range of charging speeds:

  • 20-22kW (Fast).
  • 40kW (Rapid).
  • 60kW (Rapid).
  • 150kW (Ultra-Rapid).
  • 300kW (Ultra Rapid).

With all charging solutions there are three charging modes available to suit your technological, social and governance goals:

  • Plug & Play: No authentication required prior to commencing a charging session.
  • RFID: With RFID charging all staff members are supplied with a unique card which enables them to start and stop charging sessions from a scanner on the chargepoint.
  • App: On App mode all staff members start and stop their charging sessions from an app on their mobile device. They can monitor their charging sessions in real time and are granted access to energy consumption reports.

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Workplace charging is convenient for EV driving staff and those seeking to take a step closer to sustainable transport.

  • Decrease your travel expenses.
  • Increase employee retention and satisfaction by allowing staff to charge their vehicles on site.
  • Offer new and existing staff vehicle charging as part of your employee benefits and perks

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Manage your chargepoints from a centralised location via our EV chargepoint management software, enabling you to:

  • View active charging sessions.
  • Generate user and chargepoint usage reports.
  • Generate financial reports.
  • Modify charging tariffs.
  • Manage multiple sites.
  • Create and manage tariffs and tariff groups.
  • Create and manage users and user groups.
  • Enable visitor charging functionalities.
  • Recover costs by charging select users for their charging sessions via an encrypted user mobile app with an integrated payment gateway for staff to pay via their preferred payment method (optional).
  • Manage all RFID devices.

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“By 2030, the Government’s ambition is that at least 50 per cent, and as many as 70 per cent, of new car sales – and up to 40 per cent of new van sales – should be ultra-low emission” (local.gov.uk).

Due to the forecasted increase in electric vehicle demand and objective to achieve Net-Zero by 2050, it is important to future proof your solution to benefit from long-term savings. We achieve this by:

  • Forecasting your chargepoint demand and opportunities within the next 5-years.
  • Installing in a modular manner to maximise long-term savings, utilising your forecast to ensure the infrastructure can support an upgrade.
  • Installing future-proofed technology.

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Electrify your business, reduce your C02 emissions, collect your carbon credits.

  • Track and optimise your C02 emissions savings via our chargepoint management software.
  • Ensure you are exceeding your environmental goals via an array of reporting functionalities.

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With our vast experience and knowledge on EV charging infrastructure, we are aiding the switch to sustainable transport via EV charging solutions that fall in line with your financial, environmental, technological, governance, and social goals.

The demand for EV charging infrastructure is rapidly rising, as is the opportunity to install revenue generating EV chargepoints. Our solutions range from basic OCCP enabled plug & play solutions for small fleets, to revenue generating OCCP operated solutions for commercial and public bodies that include EV charging management software with the following features: encrypted user mobile app with a payment gateway, user and tariff group management, modifiable payment tariffs, accounting reports, user reports, energy consumption reports, RFID functionalities, and more.

Throughout the consultancy phase we will determine your capabilities, analyse your goals, advise on areas of optimisation, calculate your return on investment should it be applicable, and propose the most suitable future proofed solution to fulfil your requirements.

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Following a site visit to conduct all required testing and checks at your premises, our in-house team of qualified supervisors and electrical designers will design the infrastructure required for your proposed solution, providing drawings, procurement, timelines, and a quotation.

All solutions are designed to be future proofed while falling in line with your goals, this allows for modular upgrades should you choose to upgrade your equipment down the line. We process all applications and liaise with OZEV & the DNO on your behalf. This also includes requesting supply upgrades and additional supplies to the premises should they be required.

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We offer full turnkey installations including all electrical work and civils. All installations are carried out to a high standard and delivered by our qualified and OZEV approved installers. Upon completion, all electrical testing is conducted on new and existing equipment, and electrical certificates and installation evidence is provided within 5 working days of completion along with a NICEIC electrical safety certificate.

In addition, our electrotechnicians and in-house technical team will guide you through the functionalities of the chargepoints and back-office software to ensure you are equipped to manage your EV charging infrastructure.

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Following all installations, we offer warranty support via our in-house helpdesk. All warranty callouts are conducted by us in conjunction with the chargepoint manufacturer. This ensures you benefit from a reliable and proactive support team. Yearly maintenance callouts to produce up to date testing certificates are also offered at an additional cost.

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